Going Vegan For Beginners

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  • Getting Started
  • Understanding What Veganism Is
  • Going Green For Your Health
  • Have a Game Plan
  • Do Your Research
  • Be Adventurous
  • Fake Meat Isn’t Always Delicious
  • Don’t Forget Your Protein
  • Get Your Snack On
  • Just Because It’s Vegan Doesn’t Mean It’s Healthy
  • Soy is Good and Bad
  • You Are Not Alone

Going Green For Your Health

Eating vegan may seem like a fad, but the science says that it’s a healthy way to eat, and studies have shown that vegans and vegetarians tend to weigh less than meat eaters and live longer. Also, a vegan diet lowers your cholesterol, blood pressure and risk for heart disease. It also can reduce your risk for cancer and diabetes

(Photo: Joe Raedle/Getty Images)

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