Do You Need a Break From Social Media?

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  • Throw Facebook the Deuces!
  • You Spend More Time Online Than With Real People
  • You’re Always Angry When You Read Your Feed
  • Social Media Makes You Feel Bad About Yourself
  • You Wake Up And Fall Asleep with Social Media
  • You Can't Do Anything Without Posting It Online
  • It’s Ruining Your Relationships
  • You Can’t Be in the Moment Around People
  • You Spend Hours Online a Day
  • Not Everyone Can Just Walk Away

Throw Facebook the Deuces!

Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are a huge part of our daily lives. Whether through computers or smartphones, we are constantly connected to everyone and everything — but perhaps that’s the problem if you find yourself feeling run down lately. Here are some signs that it’s time to fall back on social media for a bit. By Kellee Terrell

(Photo: Stephen Morris/Getty Images)

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