Host: Karrueche Tran

Host: Karrueche Tran // Saturday

A beatuiful and talented rising fashion icon, Karrueche will be your master of ceremonies for the World of "AHH." 

Hosts: Dormtainment // Sunday

Hosts: Dormtainment // Sunday

The comedy sextet will leave their hearts and the laughs on the BETX stage. 

Spinning: DJ A-Tron // Sunday

Spinning: DJ A-Tron // Sunday

The L.A. native will bring some of his Cali swag and Grammy Award mixing expertise to BETX.

Spinning: DJ Young 1 // Saturday

Spinning: DJ Young 1 // Saturday

Jam Master Jay would be proud. Looks like the little DJ's got mad skills and you'll witness them at BETX.

Cam Cam

Cam Cam // Saturday @ 12:15PM & 8:15PM, Sunday @ 12:15PM & 4:15PM

The Oakland-born rapper's got skills. 

Colton B

Colton B // Saturday @ 12:30PM & Sunday @ 2:15PM

Winner of the 106 & Park's Wild Out Wednesday competition as the "Best Indie Artist," the singer has uncanny talent.

Jean Michaels

Jean Michaels // Saturday @ 1PM & Sunday @ 1:20PM

The ATL native's hometown isn't the only thing he has in common with OutKast. His flow reminds you of them too! 

Samantha Johnson

Samantha Johnson // Saturday @ 2:15PM & Sunday @ 3:30PM

Her angelic voice with capture hearts.

Mindless Behavior

Mindless Behavior // Saturday @ 1:45PM

You'll lose your mind over this astonishing teen quartet. Their influence? Out of this world!

Darrell 'Bubba' Wallace, Jr.

Darrell 'Bubba' Wallace, Jr. // Saturday @ 1:45PM

The first African-American NASCAR driver to win a race since 1963, he'll introduce Mindless Behavior. 


Khleo // Saturday @ 3PM & Sunday @ 2:30PM

With 700K followers on Vine alone we're sure he'll gain new fans when he performs at BETX. 


Mirei // Saturday @ 3:15PM

Japanese singer MIREI may be from another country, but her approach to melody and sound will make her fit right in at BET Experience. 

Jacob Lattimore

Jacob Latimore // Saturday @ 3:45PM

You've seen him opposite Jennifer Hudson in Black Nativity, but now you'll get to meet him. 


Astro // Saturday @ 3:45PM

Astro, who will be starring in the upcoming film Earth To Echo and was a contestant on X-Factor, will be on hand to introduce Jacob Latimore. 

Mack Wilds // Saturday @ 4:45PM

Mack Wilds // Saturday @ 4:45PM

Native New Yorker, Mack Wilds made the transition from acting to music flawlessly. At BETX, meet the star as he shares his swag.

Hanani Taylor

Hanani Taylor // Saturday at 5:15PM

With a jazzy voice taller than her tiny frame, Hanani speaks directly to your soul and we're sure it'll be the same at BETX. 


KRNFX // Saturday @ 5:30PM

The beatboxer is ready to rock the house with legendary beatboxer, Doug E. Fresh.

Trevor Jackson

Trevor Jackson // Saturday @ 6PM

Chalk his Michael Jackson-like stage presence up to the fact that he's also from Indiana, which makes him a dynamic performer.

LeA Robinson

LeA Robinson // Saturday @ 7PM

LeA was born into Hip Hop, as she's the granddaughter of music legend Sylvia Robinson, founder of Sugar Hill Records.


SoMo // Saturday @ 7:45PM

Hailing from Texas, artist SoMo does everything big! No surprise he's ready to give a classic performance and meet all his fans.

Raw by Nature

Raw by Nature // Saturday @ 8:40PM, Sunday @1:30PM & 4:30PM

An "AHH"-some Vegas-based dance crew.


Razon // Sunday @ 1PM

After watching Britney Spears perform at the age of six, Razon knew she'd dedicate her life to performing. 


D-Pryde // Sunday @ 1:45PM

Canadian rapper D-Pryde (also known as Russell Llantino) was dubbed an "Artist to Watch" by MTV and was a part of the 2013 XXL Magazine Freshman Class.

Ivan Kelley

Ivan Kelley // Sunday @ 2PM

Often compared to the late Michael Jackson ATL native, Ivan Kelley's got a style and sound all his own! 

Jazmin Sisters

Jazmin Sisters // Sunday @ 2:45PM

Bringing R&B back, the Jazmin Sisters have beauty and talent to boot. 

HOST: Jared Snow of The Drop

HOST: Jared Snow of The Drop // Sunday

Brash and sometimes candid, JSnow's ready to lend his music expertise to the World of "AHH." 

HOST: Cynthia of The Drop

HOST: Cynthia of The Drop // Sunday

JSnow's partner in crime, Cynthia's got a great handle on the pulse of music. She's ready to rundown the stats. 

We Are Toonz

We Are Toonz // Saturday @ 12PM & Sunday @ 12PM

The ATL-based group is ready to perform with their high energy and blazing dance moves. 

Emmanuel Houndo

Emmanuel Houndo // Saturday at 12:45PM & Sunday @ 3PM

The definition of a young virtuoso.

Justine Skye

Justine Skye // Saturday @ 1:15PM & Sunday @ 12:30PM

The limit is far beyond the sky for this out-of-this-world singer. This Brooklyn girl wil show and prove! 


Tinashe // Saturday @ 2:30PM

The Lexington, KY, native turned L.A. girl made her transition from acting to music, but her performance won't be an act! 

Anthony Lewis

Anthony Lewis // Saturday @ 4:15PM

Impressing former Interscope Records executive Garnett March, Lewis was immediately signed to The Chemists label. You'll see why...  

Amor Kismet

Amor Kismet // Saturday @ 5PM

Winning the #FlashUnsigned Twitter contest created by Billboard, these sisters have been singing since the ages of 3, 4 and 7.

Brandon T. Jackson

Brandon T. Jackson // Saturday @ 6:30PM

Only at BETX can you get a chance to meet actor/comedian Brandon T. Jackson, who's starred opposite Martin Lawrence and more. 

4EY The Future

4EY The Future // Saturday @ 7:30PM & Sunday @ 3:45PM

Reminiscent of New Edition - tight harmonies and dance moves make them an R&B group to watch! 


Daisha // Saturday @ 8:30PM & Sunday @ 3:15PM

Managed by MBK Entertainment, the people behind the careers of Elle Varner and Tiara Thomas. Need we say more about Daisha? 


Cathia // Sunday @ 1PM

Cathia rose to fame after being on the fourth season of major talent competition show The Voice. Her voice? Amazing! 


Lightshow // Sunday @ 4PM

Noted for appearing on Wale's "Georgetown Press,"  you'll witness Lightshow's rhyme skills first hand.