A Future Generation of Stars Shine at the World of Ahh

A Future Generation of Stars Shine at the World of Ahh

Coca-Cola creates an exciting stage for BET Experience.

Published February 12, 2015

The 2014 BET Experience featured one of the most electrifying events at the Los Angeles Convention Center on Saturday, June 28, 2014, the Coca-Cola World of AHH Stage. Artists like Mack Wilds, Justine Sky, We Are Toonz, Cam Cam w/ Dancers, Jean Michaels, Tinashe, Khled and Mirei helped to populate and bring energy and a youthful party spirit during the day’s early afternoon hours.

Coca-Cola Company’s Sr. Multicultural Teens Brand Manager Jeanine Lewis says the eclectic musical acts were purposefully partnered with BET. “We know that Coca-Cola fans are always on the look for who’s going to be next, new and fresh,” says Lewis. “We had to consider which acts were going to surprise and delight the fans who are going to be visiting the BET Experience. I think that’s exactly what we’ve done.”

The two day World of AHH event also featured performances from Emmanuel Houndo, Amor Kismet, KRFXN with Doug E. Fresh, Lea Robinson, Razon, Jazmin Sisters, Ivan Kelley, Somo and Daisha. The varied acts of singers, rappers and dancers rocked the stage and kept crowds packed in all weekend.

“A lot of the acts are Internet sensations. Some of our fans have known and have seen them as they’ve gone onto YouTube or Google to look for their favorite genres,” Lewis continued. “The wonderful thing is at the World of AHH, they are able to see that talent live and in living color.”

But the World of AHH stage, which Lewis describes as “the indescribable feeling you get from a sip of Coca-Cola,” wasn’t just fabulous music and dance performances; it was also a multimedia interactive experience for attendees. Audience members participated in Share a Coke, where they could personalize their own Coca-Cola cans. Attendees also visited an on-site gaming area complete with iPads, plus they got the opportunity to pop into a fun-filled photo booth filled with costumes for quick and fun changes. Thanks to all the live acts and lively events, the World of AHH was a social, engaging and unforgettable experience for all attendees.

(Photos: Rich Polk/BET/Getty Images for BET; Juan Carlos Olivera-Amaya/BET/Getty Images for BET)

Written by Clarissa Simpson