Boom! Read Blac Chyna’s Epic Tyga Diss in New Interview

Boom! Read Blac Chyna’s Epic Tyga Diss in New Interview

Bow down to the queen of shade.

Published August 31st

Blac Chyna is gearing up for two of the most important moments of her life — her wedding to fiancée Rob Kardashian and the birth of their baby. Though she's over the moon about her new life, she touched on her past with the folks at Elle, revealing that her ex, Tyga, was a bit of a cheapskate when they first met. 

After explaining how they met during her days as an exotic dancer on the set of his music video for "Rack City," she said he only paid her $2,500 to dance in the short film.

"I should've gotten more," she said. "He's kinda cheap."

She sees her fiancée, Rob, in a completely differently light as she did Tyga, it seems, as she couldn't stop singing his praises throughout the interview.

"Around Rob, I'm always able to speak my mind ... and not care," she said. "I can do the craziest stuff or say the craziest stuff, and he doesn't judge me. Like if my stomach hurts, I don't have to pretend. I can go straight to the bathroom. It's those little things that really make a big difference."

Are the couple expecting twins? Survey the evidence with BET Breaks, above.

Written by John Justice

(Photo from left: Araya Diaz/Getty Images for BET, Xavier Collin/Image Press/Splash)


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