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Don't Mess With My Child! Blac Chyna's Mother Just Destroyed Wendy Williams

Don't Mess With My Child! Blac Chyna's Mother Just Destroyed Wendy Williams

The talk show host has finally met her match.

Published October 7th

Haters, beware!

Blac Chyna's mom, Tokyo Toni, is ready to take anyone down who dares come for her daughter, and proved as much earlier today when she posted a scathing rant against Wendy Williams over some negative things the talk show host said about them on her show today.

Williams said of Chyna, "If somebody is going to let you do that to them, and your only way off the pole is to... You feel what I'm saying? This is not exactly a girl who went to medical school and graduated from Cornell." Then, she added of Toni, "Tokyo Toni had Blac Chyna when she was really young so she ain't exactly Mensa in terms of her formal education and something to fall back on. So in the meantime they've fallen back on Rob, who has plenty to fall back on."

Tokyo Toni fired back with a epic rant on Instagram. "Your opinion is yours and I know you do things to have me respond although I am over it." Adding, "Now - Stop bringing up my name in your light with your dry old a** audience who agree with you for a ticket... You keep talking about a b*tch who is a mom- However the difference is my kids love me! I protect mine not tell TV the family life."

Watch how Blac Chyna is considered TV gold by execs with or without Rob with BET Breaks, above.

Written by Evelyn Diaz

(Photo from left: Fortunata / Splash News, Shalana Hunter via Instagram)


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