Twitter Attacks Amber Rose for 'Making Her Son Gay'

Twitter Attacks Amber Rose for 'Making Her Son Gay'

Some folks are not here for how she's raising her little boy.

Published November 10th

Muva doesn't want your parenting advice, thank you very much.

Amber Rose is continuing to shock people with how she's raising her son — and she clearly doesn't GAF. This time, the internet is letting her have it for giving her 3-year old son Sebastian a mani-pedi.

Rose posted an Instagram video of her and little Bash, her son with ex-hubby rapper Wiz Khalifa, and their adorable spa-day treatment. Innocent mommy-son bonding, right?

Well, not according to Twitter:

Ummm, yeah, we're Team Amber on this one. Let the children be great, folks.

Written by Diego Jones


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