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Celebrity Quotes of the Week

Celebrity Quotes: Kanye West Loves the F
Plus, words from Kanye West and Kerry Washington.
Celebrity Quotes: Jimmy Kimmel Snaps Bac
Plus, words from Oprah Winfrey and Columbus Short.
Celebrity Quotes: Idris Elba Deceived Ab
Plus, quotes from Paula Patton and Meek Mill.
Celebrity Quotes: Dave Chappelle Disses
Plus quotes from Vin Diesel and Lupe Fiasco.
Celebrity Quotes: Russell Simmons Defend
Plus, words from Lil' Wayne and Mike Tyson.
Celebrity Quotes: J. Cole on Colorism in
Plus, words from Kevin Hart and Russell Simmons.
Celebrity Quotes: Kendrick Lamar Says He
Plus, words from Oprah Winfrey and Cuba Gooding Jr.
Celebrity Quotes: Nicki Minaj Blasts All
Pres. Obama on the Kardashians, Ja Rule on gun laws and more.
Celebrity Quotes: Jay Z Declares His Pre
Plus, words from Michael B. Jordan and Chaka Khan.
Celebrity Quotes: Rae Dawn Chong Apologi
Plus, quotes from Jay-Z and Spike Lee.
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