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But wait! Before you send us your thoughts, there are a few things that even we can’t help you with.

Have an amazing idea for a new show? We don’t doubt it, but unfortunately, BET is unable to accept any unsolicited creative ideas or content. By sending us your ideas, you relinquish your claim to the material, so hold onto it until you get an agent!

Are you trying to get in touch with your favorite artist or the star of one of our shows? Sadly, we are unable to forward fan mail on to the talent.

While we do our best to answer your questions, we aren’t able to respond to every email we receive. Don’t let that stop you though; we read and appreciate all your suggestions and comments.

For ticketing or audition opportunities please go to the show's main page on for more information.

If you’d rather send by mail:

To send your questions, suggestions and ideas through the mail or to call us directly, here are the BET Network and mailing addresses and phone numbers: 

BET Networks
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BET Interactive
General Inquiries
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Washington, D.C. 20018-1211
202-608-2000 or 212-258-1000