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Woah, Soulja Boy Woke Up This Morning And Made A Boss Move

Woah, Soulja Boy Woke Up This Morning And Made A Boss Move

He began his Monday by counting his blessings and looking for a fresh start.

Published May 30th

Even though he won’t be getting $400 million like he originally thought he would, Soulja Boy is still letting everyone know how much of a boss he is.

In what appears to be an equally spontaneous and bold move, the rapper took to Twitter early this morning (May 30) to announce that he has completely cleaned house, dropping every artist currently signed to his label.

While Soulja's imprint, SODMG Records, currently doesn’t have any big name artists signed, he cited wanting a fresh start for 2016 as the reason for deciding to wipe the slate clean.

He also took the announcement a step further, hinting that he’s grateful to have removed “snakes” from his roster.

“God is great,” he wrote. “So thankful for the blessings. And thanks for blessing me to see the snakes and remove them from my life. Needed that.”

Sounds like Soulja is up to something.

Written by KC Orcutt

(Photo: Mark Davis/Getty Images for TV Guide)


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