Bruno Mars Debuts New Track 'Chunky' On SNL

Bruno Mars Debuts New Track 'Chunky' On SNL

It's an ode to all the bootylicious, independent women out there.

Published October 16th

Bruno Mars sashayed into Saturday Night Live last night for a pair of musical performances that had the entire audience, and viewers at home, get up and dance.

The singer first performed his most recent hit "24K," also the title track from his upcoming album, and then, for his second performance, debuted a new track called "Chunky."

"Chunky" is instantly infectious and unapologetic in its reverence for independent, and curvaceous, women with lyrics like “She gotta have her own money / Shout out to the girls that pay their rent on time,” and “Chunky, looking for the girls with the big ol’ hoops / That drop it down in Daisy Dukes.”

It's gonna be hard not close your eyes, snap your fingers and do the two-step every time that comes on the radio.

Meanwhile, check out the best sketch from last night's episode of SNL, a parody of Beyoncé's Lemonade called Melanianade:


Written by Evelyn Diaz

(Photo by: Will Heath/NBC)


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