Plot Twist: Did Kanye West Help Write Drake's Kid Cudi Diss?

Plot Twist: Did Kanye West Help Write Drake's Kid Cudi Diss?

We didn't see this one coming.

Published October 29th

Drake and Kid Cudi have now been back and forth several times this week, with each rapper coming for the other's throats as the feud between them continues to grow.

It all started when Kid Cudi made a comment that he feels Kanye West and Drake no longer "give a f**k" about him, with Drake later responding in his new song "Two Birds, One Stone."

West ended up choosing to take the high road by shining a positive light on the rapper during a recent performance on his Saint Pablo Tour, but now it appears as though that possibly was just for appearances sake.

In an ultimate plot twist to this tense saga, Tidal is outing West as someone involved with Drake's diss track against Cudi.

On the credits for the song listed on Tidal, the streaming company lists West as a lyricist, composer and producer, leaving us all with more questions than answers.

Was West involved behind the scenes? And if so, was he consciously aware that the song would evolve into the ruthless diss track it did? What exactly is going on here? All we know is we did not see this one coming.

Check out the Tidal credits listing Kanye West on "Two Birds, One Stone" here

Written by KC Orcutt

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