See Which Rising Emcees Have Received a Blessing From Nas

See Which Rising Emcees Have Received a Blessing From Nas

Is the legendary rapper ready to pass the mic?

Published December 27th

Nas is a legend. Anyone who wants to argue such a claim will more than likely be met with an overwhelming amount of evidence proving any opposition is in poor taste. All that being said, in a world where co-signs appear to be handed out as mindlessly as a simple retweet, Nas is an emcee who's opinion on other rappers still holds some serious weight.

In a new sit-down with Revolt TV, the veteran rapper shared who in hip-hop he feels is helping to carry the torch forward, musically speaking.

During a discussion with Revolt's Andre Harrell, the topic of the next generation of rappers came up, and Nas didn't hesitate when listing who has caught his attention in recent years.

"J. Cole, Kendrick [Lamar], Drake, [Lil] Wayne, Rick Ross," Nas replies, listing out his favorite emcees.

While rappers such as J. Cole and Lamar have often found themselves being held to the lyrical standard that Nas himself raised, it is interesting seeing a hit-maker such as Drake on the list.

Take a look at Nas's latest interview in full below.

Written by KC Orcutt

(Photo: Craig Barritt/Getty Images for Italia Independent New York City, LLC)


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