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Warning: This #90sRnB Hashtag Will Throw You Right Into Your Feelings

Warning: This #90sRnB Hashtag Will Throw You Right Into Your Feelings

These throwbacks are too good.

Published January 8th

While a handful of artists today are working to bring back the beloved sounds of 90s R&B, nothing quite touches the cherished music the decade blessed us with. As our favorite 90s songs age like fine wine, it only makes sense that a Twitter hashtag would eventually pick up steam and carry us through a wave of nostalgia.

This weekend, the hashtag #90sRnB began trending, dusting off old arguments such as Monica vs. Brandy and celebrating R. Kelly's 50th birthday today (Jan. 8) by revisiting some of his classic catalog.

Take a look at some of the best nostalgia-stirring tweets the hashtag #90sRnB inspired below.

  1. Brandy will always be the princess of R&B
  2. Can't celebrate 90s R&B without R. Kelly
  3. The Good Ole Days
  4. can't forget this classic
  5. But where is the lie?
  6. This video will always be iconic
  7. Rank 'em up
  8. Takin' it back to the early days
  9. a perfect playlist, really
  10. we couldn't agree more
  11. preach
  12. She's got a valid point there

Written by KC Orcutt

(Photos from left: Newsmakers, Kevin Winter/Getty Images, Scott Gries/Getty Images)


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