Chrisette Michele Takes Yet Another Shot at Spike Lee

Chrisette Michele Takes Yet Another Shot at Spike Lee

She put it all on blast in her new song.

Published January 23rd

Chrisette Michele has found herself on a bit of a roller coaster ride in the past week and it all began when she agreed to perform for Donald Trump's inauguration, a promise that she did, in fact, follow through with.

As a result of her actions, which resulted in all sorts of backlash from QuestloveSpike Lee and, of course, her fans, the singer ended up focusing on going to war with the acclaimed filmmaker after he chose to pull her song from his upcoming Netflix series. Needless to say, things got real and then some, with the singer today releasing a new song to lay out exactly how she feels — again.

Her new track, titled "No Political Genius," doubles as the first track off of her new album and her response to criticisms from her fans and the Black community alike while also taking even more shots at Lee.

In addition to putting all of her feelings into her music, her management also released a statement on her behalf, offering, "Chrisette Michele decides to create conversation in chaos with a poetry album she entitled with her infamously coined phrase, 'No Political Genius.' She invites listeners to stop bickering and start listening to each others point of view."

The statement also adds that her "sights are set on beginning some real dialogue."

Take a listen to the debut track off of her forthcoming spoken word album, No Political Genius.

Written by KC Orcutt

(Photos from left: Bennett Raglin/Getty Images, Andrew Toth/Getty Images)


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