Will Future Be Dropping (Another) New Album This Week?

Will Future Be Dropping (Another) New Album This Week?

Rumor has it...

Published February 21st

After a lengthy hiatus from Instagram, Future has officially made his return and not only that, but has delivered his highly anticipated fifth studio album this past Friday (Feb. 17). 

While dominating headlines and social media timelines alike following his comeback in recent days, many are saying that the Atlanta rap veteran has even more surprises up his sleeve.

As reported by indie music news site HDD, Future allegedly has yet another album warming in the oven and it may see a release as quickly as this upcoming Friday.

According to the report, the second surprise album is said to have a more radio-friendly sound, something that would make total sense regarding the rapper's transition into capturing a mainstream audience's attention.

While back-to-back albums would definitely mean the rapper is entering beast mode, his work ethic in the past suggests that we shouldn't put this move past him.

At the time of this report, Future has yet to confirm or deny the rumor regarding the possibility fans will be treated to even more music this week. Watch this space!

Written by KC Orcutt

(Photo: Erika Goldring/Getty Images)


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