Lil Yachty Has No Clue as to Why Vic Mensa Dissed Him

Lil Yachty Has No Clue as to Why Vic Mensa Dissed Him

"I've never even spoken to him."

Published April 14th

Roughly a week ago, Vic Mensa fired a shot at Lil Yachty that was as far away from being subtle as one can imagine.

During a recent performance, the Chicago rapper spit, "What the f**k is a Lil Yachty?," sending fans into a frenzy that we might just have a new rap beef on our hands. Except there's a catch: Lil Boat has no idea where this diss came from or why.

While promoting two of his new singles, the Migos-assisted "Peek A Book" and "Harley," Lil Yachty dropped by Hot 97 to announce that his debut album is officially complete as well as address rumors of the allegedly building tension between him and Mensa.

During the conversation, Lil Boat touched on how he feels rappers diss him just in an attempt to rile him up and get him to fire back.

"I feel like people just try to throw a shot at me so I can respond," Lil Yachty said, touching on the recent lyrics from Vic Mensa.

He then shares that he's met Mensa only two times in the past and, therefore, the situation feels a bit unprovoked and out of the blue.

"I’ve never even spoken to him," he added. "I just shook his hand. N****s is weird."

Interesting. And just like that, we're just as confused as Yachty as to why Mensa felt compelled to throw some disrespect on his name and take it to that level. Either way, some may agree it's nice to see Lil Yachty focusing on his forthcoming project as opposed to going back and forth with Mensa. Although that could be interesting, too...

Take a look at Lil Yachty touching on his non-beef, so to speak, with Vic Mensa around the 4:30 mark in the clip below.

Written by KC Orcutt

(Photo from left: Bennett Raglin/BET/Getty Images for BET, Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images for Marc Jacobs)


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