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Tweet Sheet: Celebs on Election Day
Your favorite stars rally the vote as America makes its choice.
50 Cent Rivalries: What's the Score?
Add Slim the Mobster to 50's long list of foes.
Middle Men: When Rappers Play Neutral
Some MCs claim Switzerland status in a beef involving one of their affiliates.
10 Things Diddy Made Famous
Read on — you might even pick up a little starpower yourself.
The Evolution of Nelly
It's been a wild journey to stardom for the birthday boy.
Prodigy's 10 Most Infamous Lines
As Mobb Deep has always said, it's survival of the fittest — and front man Prodigy's made it all ...
Tweets of the Week: Meek Mill Blasts Phi
Meek's hometown drama, Hurricane Sandy and Halloween are all part of the Twitter chatter.
Musicians Who Became Actors takes a look at artists who have transformed from music standouts to silver screen stars.
Passing Me By
When music stars turn away hit records.
Rap Stars Who Should Be in the Next Star
What if your favorite rappers--Kendrick Lamar, Kanye West and more--starred in this Hollywood cla...
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