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25 Best Rap Debuts of the 21st Century
Will 2 Chainz's Based On A T.R.U. Story match up to these new-millennium classics?
Tweets of the Week: Rick Ross Celebrates
Your favorite stars talk success, beef and fashion.
Musical Love Letters
Kanye West dedicates his new song to Kim Kardashian, but he's not the first artist to put his hea...
When Producers Beef
Beatmakers clash just as much as their MC counterparts.
Hip Hop's Greatest Trios
Three—that's the magic number. Rick Ross, Dr. Dre and Jay-Z proved this Schoolhouse Rock truism o...
Olympics Victory Dances
One of the best moments of the 2012 Olympics so far was Serena Williams joyously crip-walking aft...
Tweets of the Week: Pharrell Praises Oly
Your favorite music stars discuss the Olympics, rumors, and music.
Jews in Hip Hop
Former Bad Boy superstar Shyne surprised many when he converted to Judaism during his eight-year ...
When Hip Hop Meets Video Games
Jay-Z's already got his hands in rap, books, clothing and sports, but he isn't done expanding his...
Young Money and GOOD Music's So-Called B
Is there enough room in the rap game for two crews as big, hyped up and skilled as Young Money an...
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