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Lyrical Obama Endorsements
Yes he did. Barack Obama pulled out a re-election victory on Tuesday, with extra special help fro...
Face-Off: Legendary Rap Battles
Diss tracks are for wimps. Here, we break down rap's most legendary face to face battles. Get rea...
Tweet Sheet: Celebs on Election Day
Your favorite stars rally the vote as America makes its choice.
50 Cent Rivalries: What's the Score?
Add Slim the Mobster to 50's long list of foes.
Middle Men: When Rappers Play Neutral
Some MCs claim Switzerland status in a beef involving one of their affiliates.
10 Things Diddy Made Famous
Read on — you might even pick up a little starpower yourself.
The Evolution of Nelly
It's been a wild journey to stardom for the birthday boy.
Prodigy's 10 Most Infamous Lines
As Mobb Deep has always said, it's survival of the fittest — and front man Prodigy's made it all ...
Tweets of the Week: Meek Mill Blasts Phi
Meek's hometown drama, Hurricane Sandy and Halloween are all part of the Twitter chatter.
Musicians Who Became Actors takes a look at artists who have transformed from music standouts to silver screen stars.
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