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Believers: Religious Moments in Rap
Rick Ross' mixtape isn't the first time an MC has utilized religious themes in music — whether fo...
Gun Play: Rappers With Weapons Charges
Click on to see just some of the rappers who've been caught packing heat over the years.
Tweets of the Week: 50 Cent Fires Back a
Celebs talk drama, awards and timelessness.
On My Own: The Best Solo Breakouts
Prodigy's Mobb doesn't roll so deep anymore. After he and his MB bandmate Havok announced they we...
Comeback Albums
They say rap is a young man's game, but don't tell that to Xzibit. Today, October 9, the veteran ...
The Art of Storytelling: A Hip Hop Time
From Rakim to A$AP Rocky, the BET Hip Hop Awards, which aired last night, gave love to hip hop ol...
Chris Brown & Karrueche: Timeline to a B
Here, we break down the history of the bitter split, rumor by rumor, tweet by tweet, creep by cre...
Tweets of the Week: Chris Brown Is A Sin
Big break-up, blow-ups, politics, and more.
The 10 Best Los Angeles Anthems
Kendrick Lamar and Dr. Dre's "Compton" is just the latest L.A. ode.
The Evolution of Miguel
Follow the singer's rise to success.
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