Ceasefire: When Music Stars Call an End to Beef

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  • Justin Timberlake, Kanye West
  • Prodigy, Busta Rhymes, Keith Murray
  • Common, Drake
  • Nas, Jay Z
  • T.I., Ludacris
  • Chris Brown vs. Tyler, the Creator
  • Beanie Sigel, Jadakiss
  • Monica, Brandy
  • T.I., Shawty Lo
  • Common, Ice Cube
  • The Lox, Diddy
  • Ice Cube, Dr. Dre
  • 50 Cent, The Lox
  • Ice T, Soulja Boy
  • Nas, Cam'ron
  • Ja Rule, 50 Cent

Common vs. Drake

One of the more random, seemingly pointless rap beefs of all time (and that's saying a lot) was between Common and Drake, and thankfully it was short-lived. "We had a talk, we had a conversation," he told MTV News. "It was a face-to-face, man-to-man, a positive thing. I've learned to respect him even more. I already thought he was a talented guy, but just from the conversation we had, I hold even more respect for him." 

(Photo: Jeff Daly/PictureGroup; Ronald Martinez/Getty Images)

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