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Music Photos

Rap Lyrics Inspired By Police Brutality
J. Cole's new video keeps a major issue alive.
When Rappers and R&B Singers Beef
Stars from the two genres have a history of conflict.
When Hip Hop Meets Football
Rap and football have crossed paths in unexpected ways.
I Wanna Be Like Mike
When stars pay homage to the King of Pop.
R.I.P. Nick Ashford
In honor of Nick Ashford, takes a look at the songwriter's contributions.
Civil Rights Era Protest Songs
Empowering music that spurred on the movement.
Politics Unusual
Influential political raps from rappers you least expect.
Nicki Minaj Comes in First: A Look at He
Young Money's First Lady has had some major success.
Rapologies: When Rappers Say Sorry
Notable hip hop apologies.
What's Really Good?: Hip Hop Reality Sho
Shawty Lo's "Babies' Mamas" couldn't make the cut.
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