25 Influential Hip Hop Samples

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  • 25 Influential Hip Hop Samples
  • 25 Influential Hip Hop Samples
  • Skulls Snaps, "It's a New Day"
  • The Winstons, "Amen, Brother"
  • Melvin Bliss, "Synthetic Substitution"
  • James Brown, "Funky Drummer"
  • Babe Ruth, "The Mexican"
  • Cymande, "Bra"
  • 25 Influential Hip Hop Samples
  • Ohio Players, "Funky Worm"
  • James Brown, "Funky President (It's Bad)"
  • 25 Influential Hip Hop Samples
  • The Honey Drippers, "Impeach the President"
  • Donny Hathaway
  • Eric B. and Rakim
  • Joe Tex, "Papa Was Too"
  • Lafayette Afro Rock Band, "Hihache"
  • Billy Squier, "The Big Beat"
  • The Isley Brothers, "Footsteps in the Dark"
  • Al Green, "I'm Glad You're Mine"
  • Minnie Riperton, "Inside My Love"
  • Sly and the Family Stone, "Sing a Simple Song"
  • Bob James, "Nautilius"
  • Kool and the Gang, "N.T."
  • Bob James, "Mardi Gras"
  • George Clinton, "Atomic Dog"

The Incredible Bongo Band, "Apache"

The New York Times quoted DJ Kool Herc calling this song "the national anthem of hip hop," and who are we to disagree with the genre's godfather? One of the earliest B-boy breaks, the percussion-filled song from the 1972 album Bongo Rock also been sampled by Nas ("Made You Look"), Missy Elliott ("We Run This") and several key old-school hits.

(Photo: Pride Records)

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