25 Influential Hip Hop Samples

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  • The Winstons, "Amen, Brother"
  • Melvin Bliss, "Synthetic Substitution"
  • James Brown, "Funky Drummer"
  • Babe Ruth, "The Mexican"
  • Cymande, "Bra"
  • 25 Influential Hip Hop Samples
  • Ohio Players, "Funky Worm"
  • James Brown, "Funky President (It's Bad)"
  • 25 Influential Hip Hop Samples
  • The Honey Drippers, "Impeach the President"
  • Donny Hathaway
  • Eric B. and Rakim
  • Joe Tex, "Papa Was Too"
  • Lafayette Afro Rock Band, "Hihache"
  • Billy Squier, "The Big Beat"
  • The Isley Brothers, "Footsteps in the Dark"
  • Al Green, "I'm Glad You're Mine"
  • Minnie Riperton, "Inside My Love"
  • Sly and the Family Stone, "Sing a Simple Song"
  • Bob James, "Nautilius"
  • Kool and the Gang, "N.T."
  • Bob James, "Mardi Gras"
  • George Clinton, "Atomic Dog"
  • 25 Influential Hip Hop Samples
  • 25 Influential Hip Hop Samples
  • Skulls Snaps, "It's a New Day"

James Brown, "Funky Drummer"

One of the most sampled breaks of all time, it's hard for any self-respecting hip hop head to hear the heavily compressed drums that flow throughout this James Brown signature without thinking of Public Enemy ("Bring the Noise," "Rebel Without a Pause"), Boogie Down Productions ("South Bronx"), LL Cool J ("Mama Said Knock You Out") and other unforgettable rap moments.

    (Photo: Matthew Simmons/Getty Images)

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