Decoded: Jay Z's Five Percenter Lyrics

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Jay Z and Jay Electronica "We Made It (Freestyle)"

Lyric: “So when my arms and feet shackled I still get paid/ All praise due/ I’m ready to chase the Yakub back into caves/ These are the last days but do I seem fazed/ Showed up to the Last Supper in some brand new J’s/ I’m the true and living, book of Hov”

Just last month, Jay Z and Jay Electronica hopped on Drake's "We Made It" beat and murdered the track, all while dropping a few teachings from the Nation of Gods and Earths. According to the teachings of the Nation of Islam, which the Nations of Gods and Earths broke away from, Yakub was the creator of the race of devils, also believed to be the white race. As the story goes, after being banished from Mecca, the white race then lived in caves and ate raw meat for centuries before escaping and through trickery, enslaved Black people. As far as "the last days" reference, Jigga sees himself as God, so he's unfazed, even at the Last Supper. From the teachings, God is the true and living Black man.  

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