Decoded: Jay Z's Five Percenter Lyrics

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Jay Z "Heaven" 

Lyric: “Arm, leg, leg, arm, head – This is God Body/ Knowledge, wisdom, freedom, understanding we just want our equality/ Food, clothing, shelter – help a Ni**a find some peace/ Happiness for a gangsta, ain’t no love in the streets/ Conspiracy theorist screaming Illuminati/ They can’t believe this much skill is in the human body/ He’s 6’2, how the f**k he fit in a new Bugatti?/ Aw f**k it you got me/ Question religion, question it all/ Question existence until them questions are solved/ Meanwhile this heretic I be out in Marrakesh Morocco smoking hashish with my fellowship/ Y’all dwell on devil sh*t”

If you thought Jay Z was subliminal about his studies of the Nation of Gods and Earths, he put his beliefs in plain sight on his last album, Magna Carta Holy Grail. Jay went in with these lyrics. He announced that he is God in the physical presence. The first letters of each word in the line "arm, leg, leg, arm and head" spell out "Allah," an Islamic name for God. Hova again references the 12 Jewels of Islam with knowledge, wisdom and understanding. He also advocates for people to question religion mainly the 85 percent-ers as he and the rest of the 5 percent try to wake the masses. 

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