Aretha Franklin Announces Halle Berry as Her Biopic Choice

Aretha Franklin Announces Halle Berry as Her Biopic Choice

Published February 23, 2011

Anyone who’s followed the career of Aretha Franklin knows that what the Queen of Soul wants, the Queen of Soul gets. And, after expressing her desire to have actress Halle Berry play her in a planned biopic last year, it appears Aretha will get her wish. reported that during a recent phone interview with Wendy Williams, Franklin confirmed that Berry is “set to star her in the project.”

“Halle Berry is my pick,” Franklin told the self-professed Queen of Media. Last year, Franklin expressed her choice to have the Oscar-winning actress take the role in a press release to the Associated Press. The film will be based on her 1999 autobiography Aretha: From These Roots.

Berry’s camp has not commented on the development.

Along with the Berry, Franklin, who’s recovering from surgery, has also said she wanted Academy Award-winner Denzel Washington and Oscar-nominee actor Terrence Howard to be a part of the film.





Written by Marcus Reeves


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