Eminem Set to Commit ‘Random Acts of Violence’… on Screen

Eminem Set to Commit ‘Random Acts of Violence’… on Screen

Published February 23, 2011

For Eminem, it looks like it’s about to be 2002 all over again. Just as he’d topped off that year’s best selling LP The Eminem Show with the arrival of a film, word is that he’s accompanying 2010’s best selling-selling album Recovery with a starring role in a movie. It’s a new crime thriller called Random Acts of Violence.

Vulture.com reports that the film, after going through several drafts, will likely be a thriller “more akin to The Town or The Departed.” An ex-con, fresh out of prison and trying to stay legit is compromised by his old gang, who want him back on the job. So, too, does the FBI, which hopes he’ll wear a wire and bring down the crime syndicate. The ex-con, meanwhile, tries to play both sides against each other long enough to exact revenge against those — on both sides of the law — who sent him to prison in the first place.

The film will be produced by Em’s Shady Films through 20th Century Fox. No date has been set for release.

Written by by Marcus Reeves


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