Trailer: Kobe Bryant’s “The Black Mamba” Mini-Movie

Trailer: Kobe Bryant’s “The Black Mamba” Mini-Movie

Published February 24, 2011

Four-time NBA all-star Kobe Bryant is gearing up for the arrival of his new mini-movie The Black Mamba, also starring Kanye West and Bruce Willis.

Directed by Robert Rodriguez, the film is part of the promotional campaign for the new Nike Air Kobe Zoom VIs.

According to Indie Wire, the short film is about the making of a movie, featuring Rodriguez pitching Bryant a film concept about a hero called “The Black Mamba,” and as Rodriguez describes it, we see what he envisions. Bryant squares off against a monster-fied Danny Trejo and runs into Bruce Willis, who seems to be reprising his role from The Expendables. He ends up in a final battle against zombie-looking basketball players commanded by mega-villain Kanye West.

Check out the trailer for The Black Mamba (above).

Written by Marcus Reeves


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