Lil' Wayne Not A Suspect In Sexual Assault Investigation

Alleged victim accuses a music producer in reported rape.

Posted: 03/20/2011 03:57 PM EDT
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Looks like Lil' Wayne has dodged the proverbial bullet in an ongoing sexual assault probe.  

According to TMZ, law enforcement officials say the rap star had nothing to do with allegations of rape that emerged from a pre-Grammy party in California in January.

The Young Money mogul was apparently laying down some tracks at the home of noted music producer Noel "Detail" Fisher in Canyon Country, California, the night of the alleged attack.

A female catering assistant, who had been hired to provide food for the party, later claimed she was held inside the house against her will and sexually assaulted. 

Cops say woman has accused Fisher of the deed. This, following a visit to the hospital where she had reportedly had a rape test performed.

Investigators say Weezy is not named anywhere in the police report.