Flavor Flav Loses A Chicken Spot


The hype man takes his name off of Iowa restaurant, but moves forward with Sin City eatery.

Posted: 04/25/2011 11:53 AM EDT


Flavor Flav’s foray into the chicken business has been anything but finger-lickin’ good.

After reports surfaced that employees at his Clinton, Iowa restaurant were issued bad paychecks and that the location was serving old food, Flav has announced he is taking his name off the eatery.

Flav maintains that his business partner Nick Cimino has “mismanaged” the place and is giving his brand “a bad reputation.” The Public Enemy rap personality says that he and Cimino only had a licensing agreement, and Flav was solely the face of the operation but it was Cimino’s job to run the business side of things.

Current drama aside, the reality TV star isn’t deterred from the food business: Flav is still moving forward to open his “Flavor Flav’s House of Flavor” in Las Vegas on May 30th. In addition to a chicken restaurant, the complex will also reportedly have a bar, a recording studio and a Flavor Flav memorabilia shop.

Would You Eat At A Flavor Flav Restaurant?

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