Diana Ross Ready to Be Guardian to MJ's Children

Radar Online says Diana Ross is still the backup guardian to Michael Jackson's three children.

Posted: 04/28/2011 01:14 PM EDT
Diana Ross

Despite reports to the contrary, there’s still a strong possibility that Ms. Ross could become primary guardian of Michael Jackson’s children, Prince Michael, Paris, and Blanket..


According to Radar Online, if the late pop icon’s mother passes on before the children reach adulthood, Michael’s longtime friend Diana Ross will take over. And while Radar Online says Ross is prepared if the time comes, as of now she’s had no involvement in the children’s lives. A Ross informant explained to them, “She will step in if there’s an immediate need to do so.”


On Michael’s mother, Katherine Jackson, who turns 81 on May 4, a source said, “Katherine is a very doting, loving grandmother. She just isn’t getting any younger and that is why Michael named a second guardian.”


(Photo: Chris Jackson/Getty Images)

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