Ludacris Shuts Down Wedding Rumors

Luda mocks latest rumor that he married his longtime girlfriend.

Posted: 05/12/2011 08:36 PM EDT
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No need to send congrats or embark on celebratory sips of Conjure in his honor, Ludacris is still nobody’s husband.


Recently, Sandra Rose reported that Ludacris married his medical school student girlfriend, Eudoxie, last fall only kept it secret. Ludacris himself has been adamant about keeping his private life just that. However, citing a source close to the rapper and Tweets from his cousin, singer Monica, the Atlanta-based blogger posted the story.


Ludacris himself was asked about the marriage talk via Twitter. On the rumor about him recently being wedded to his longtime girlfriend, the rapper and rising actor quipped, “I’ve learned so much about myself this past 2 years through rumors, can u pls make up some more cause I can’t wait 2 c what happens 2 me next!” After being asked if he had heard the latest rumor, Ludacris confirmed and responded with, “I did! Just mad I’m the last one to find out about it!”


(Photo: Ben Rose/PictureGroup)

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