Luther Campbell Calls University Racist

Luther Campbell Calls University Racist

The former rapper and current Miami mayoral candidate blasts a local Florida university for its language restrictions.

Published May 16, 2011

Former 2 Live Crew member and current Miami mayoral candidate Luther Campbell is crying racism over a Spanish-language debate held at Florida International University.

Speaking to CBS Miami, Campbell said he was appalled by the “Cuban-only forum.” Campbell told the local news affiliate station, “The university is having a Cuban-only forum, which is wrong to the students, because the students are from all different races and all different cultures and all the students don't speak only Spanish.”

Joining him in anger is fellow Black candidate Roosevelt Bradley. He claimed the event would turn “the clock back 50 years on race and ethnic relations.” Campbell said he can simply have his own debate at a Miami strip club. That way he could discuss his views on taxing strippers.

As of now, the mayoral race appears to be a two man battle between Julio Robaina and Carlos Gimenez, with the two polling at 25 and 20 percent among voters, respectively. However, Campbell has polled suprisingly well. Of the 499 likely voters polled by The Miami Herald and Univision, Campbell was selected by 10 percent of the group. The Miami mayoral election will be held on May 24.


Written by Michael Arceneaux


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