Lady GaGa: Bullies Shoved Me Into Garbage

The pop star has new revelations about the extent of the bullying she endured in school.

Posted: 05/17/2011 05:34 AM EDT
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Lady Gaga Bullied

Lady GaGa has consistently claimed that she was an outcast in school. Though that has been debated in profiles about the New York City–born superstar, GaGa says her behavior made her a target by her peers and has used that story to motivate her fans facing similar circumstances in schools. Now the pop star is taking her claims one step further with new revelations about the extent of the bullying she experienced.

In an interview with Guardian Weekend magazine, the multitalented singer says she was targeted by several classmates who teased her for being “eccentric.” She then noted that at one point the bullying went beyond verbal taunts. Indeed, GaGa says she was literally thrown into garbage by some of her unruly peers.

explained: "I'm eccentric and talkative and audacious and theatrical, and I used to get picked on. I got thrown in a trash can on a street corner once by some boys who were hanging out with girls in my class.”

She went on: "I got profanity written all over my locker at school and all the others were nice and clean. I got pinched in the hallways and called a slut. [I felt] worthless. Embarrassed. Mortified. I was 14. Three boys put me in it. The girls were laughing when they did it."

Lady Gaga's new album, Born This Way, is available on May 23. 


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