The Wire's Felicia "Snoop" Pearson Pleads Not Guilty to Drug Related Charges

The actress stays quiet as lawyers fight for her to avoid jail time. 

Posted: 05/19/2011 11:01 AM EDT
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In March 2011, The Wire’s Felicia “Snoop” Pearson was arrested as part of a large DEA raid targeting a heroin and marijuana operation centered in Baltimore.


Snoop has now been arraigned on the charges, and is currently not speaking to the press. Instead, her lawyer is doing all the talking. Her trial date hasn’t been released, but it will most likely take place in August.


Snoop’s legal counsel hasn’t gotten all the info they need for the case. The facts are still under review and Snoop’s charges haven’t been defined, nor have any alleged co-conspirators been announced.


In other news, Snoop’s lawyer says she is dealing with this wonderfully by letting lawyers take care of her and by “doing what she needs to do professionally.” When asked what that meant, the lawyer added that Snoop was working and furthering her career.


Pearson has been to jail in the past, which means a conviction could cause her to serve serious time.


(Photo: RD / Dziekan / Retna Digital)

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