Shaunie O'Neal Chats "Basketball Wives 3"

The reality show star discusses new additions to her show

Posted: 05/31/2011 04:36 PM EDT
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Shaunie O'Neal

Basketball Wives Season 3 premiered last night and it’s pretty much the same drama, but with a new woman (Meeka Claxton) added to the cast. The circle is divided and no one is showing any real growth.  VIBE caught up with Shaunie O’Neal and got her take on the new season and why she added Meeka to the cast. "She reached out and she was pretty persistent in getting involved with our show," O'Neal said. "And we are always open to a new face for the season if it makes sense, so she came down and did an on camera interview and we took a chance and we’ll see how it goes.


O'Neal confirmed the rumors that Football Wives will not return to the air. "The reception wasn’t as warm as it was to Basketball Wives."  She added, "It was one of those things where we’ll just put it on the back burner, maybe reinvent it maybe not. And right now it’s a not."


O'Neal also said her self-help, inspirtational book will be released later this year. 

(Photo: David Livingston/Getty Images)

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