Update: Snooki Spotted Wearing Neck Brace in Italy

Update: Snooki Spotted Wearing Neck Brace in Italy

The reality star crashes into cop car, next day wears neck brace.

Published May 31, 2011

Over the weekend, reports surfaced that Jersey Shore’s Snooki was taken into custody in Florence, Italy, on Monday after crashing into a police car. It was not a formal arrest, but the crash still caused injuries. A witness told TMZ that Snooki smacked into the back of a patrol car and wedged her car between it and a protection wall on the freeway. Snooki had to escape the car through a window.


On Tuesday, Snooki was spotted in Italy wearing a neck brace while filming scenes for Jersey Shore. While it initially appeared that she was in pain, Snooki was spotted again yesterday—only this time she was waving the brace in the air while laughing. There’s no confirmation on her injuries or lack thereof, but it’s likely the fracas will be explained once the new season premieres this summer.  

Update: People.com is reporting the neckbrace is a joke.  However, the accident was real and the reality star was not injured. 

(Photo: Alex Jackson/WENN.com)

Written by Michael Arceneaux


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