Lady Gaga: A Bikini Clad Cheerleader for Japan

The Singer Urges Everyone to Visit the Country

Posted: 06/25/2011 09:39 PM EDT
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Lady Gaga was in 'bare' form when she performed last night dressed in panties and a little black bustier at the MTV Video Music Aid Japan benefit concert in Chiba, Japan according to TMZ. She adores the country.

“I would like to use my position here today and all week long to run around Tokyo and enjoy the beautiful city,” Gaga said at a press conference earlier this week. “[I want to] kiss all the beautiful little monsters and scream at the top of my lungs that everyone should visit this beautiful place.”

The Grammy Award winning singer, who is known for her outlandish costumes and colorful wigs, wore little blonde buns and blunt bangs during her performance in Chiba. She also said that Japan is now “safe” and that she wants everyone to visit the grief-stricken country. The benevolent chart topper has already donated an estimated $3 million to help relief efforts after Japan was rocked by a series of earthquakes and a massive tsunami earlier this year.

(Photo: Andrew McGovern/PictureGroup)