Sean Kingston Up And About Celebrating

After his near-fatal jet skiing accident Sean Kingston is back on his feet

Posted: 07/08/2011 02:05 AM EDT

Falling off a jet ski is not fun. Smashing into a bridge while speeding on a jet ski is heart stopping. Living to tell the tale—miraculous. A miracle is exactly what Sean Kingston appears to be since his quicker-than-expected recovery from this summer’s accident continues to take shape.


In a photo obtained by TMZ, the website shows a glassy-eyed Kingston with bandages on his left arm but nothing else apparently wrong. The image is from the July 4th welcome home party the artist reportedly threw for himself at his Miami home.


Soulja Boy and about 100 others are said to have shown, even though Kingston banned jet skies from the festivities. Who could complain with jerk chicken on deck?

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