Comedians, Celebs to Join Charlie Mack for Philly Peace Party

The annual event educates local youth about the dangers of violence.

Posted: 07/18/2011 12:05 AM EDT

Comedian Charlie Mack has gathered a group of comedians and celebs for his eighth annual "Charlie Mack Party for Peace Weekend" in Philadelphia next week. The event was created to teach local youth about the dangers of violence as well as fund Mack's non-profit organization.


The event will kick off Friday with a private reception and a schedule of activities Saturday including a Bible playground, celebs, mothers and law enforcement speaking to at-risk youth and a private white party that night at the popular Ms. Tootsie's on South Street. There will also be asthma screenings during the week as well as the debut of the movie, "The Streets."


"As a native Philadelphian, I wanted to provide young people with a vehicle to interact with today’s entertainment industry actors/actresses and professional athletes," Charlie Mack tells AllHipHop. "It was after the loss of my two brothers that I came to know my true calling in life, and recognized an even greater need to create a fundraising vehicle to assist anti-violence organizations….this sends a message that celebrities can make a difference."


Among those who will be giving their time for this cause include comedian Kevin Hart, actress LisaRaye McCoy, actor Alan Payne, Kaleena from Diddy's Dirty Money and singer/actor Tyrese Gibson.

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