Actor Denies Fling With Jennifer Lopez

The"Cuban Brad Pitt" says he and J.Lo never hooked up.

Posted: 07/19/2011 12:30 AM EDT
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As Jennifer Lopez preps for the legal wrangling due to her divorce, the press tries to dig for more information as to what got her there. Some reports suggest that Jennifer and Marc Anthony dually concluded that their marriage couldn’t go on after months of intense arguments. There are more salacious stories out there, however.


One includes the idea that Jenny cheated on Marc with the male lead in her “I’m Into You” music video. The man randomly inserted into the controversy has already come out to deny the story. Telenovela star William Levy, also known as the “Cuban Brad Pitt,” separated from his wife after shooting the video with J.Lo. But there’s no connection, as his rep explained to TMZ. "The only relationship there was or is, is a professional relationship," the rep said. "That’s all there’s ever been.”

(Photo: StarGate)

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