Morgan Freeman Denies Narrating Conservative Ad

It may sound like him, but the actor's voice is not actually in this ad.

Posted: 07/28/2011 12:21 PM EDT
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It may sound like Morgan Freeman lent his baritone to endorse a right wing political ad in Wisconsin, but his rep has said the voice-over was done by an imitator.



"The political ad in Wisconsin by a conservative group narrated by someone trying to sound like Morgan Freeman was not narrated by Mr. Freeman," his rep Stan Rosenfield said in a statement. "Morgan Freeman did NOT narrate that ad."



The campaign ad was paid for by a group called "Citizens for a Strong America" and blasts Democrat Shelly Moore, a candidate in the Wisconsin Senate recall elections.



Now Democrat officials have demanded that the ad, which has run on several TV stations, be pulled, calling it a "dangerous deception." More said, "This ad deliberately misleads voters by using a Morgan Freeman sound-alike to give these blatant lies a false sense of legitimacy."