Justin Timberlake's Bodyguard Goes to Jail

The guy who protects the singer may have gone too far.

Posted: 08/04/2011 08:42 PM EDT
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Justin Timberlake may be beating folks down in his upcoming film In Time, but it's his bodyguard who gets in fisticuffs in real life.


The Sun reports that while the Friends with Benefits actor was on his way to have dinner at Nobu in London with his costar Mila Kunis, the man he pays to have his back was kicking the crap out of some sorry paparazzo, literally.


A big man in a suit is shown standing over a cowering man who's already down on the ground.


Around 9:30 p.m. Tuesday, police were called to the scene for an alleged assault.


Although the cameraman didn't need medical attention, a spokesperson for Scotland Yard told The Sun, "Officers later arrested a 45-year-old man at a central London hotel on suspicion of common assault. He is being held at a central London police station. Enquiries are ongoing."

(Photo: Fred Duval/FilmMagic)

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