NFL Player Denied Entry to White House

"I forgot my ID," says Desmond Bishop.

Posted: 08/13/2011 10:56 PM EDT

Someone should have reminded Green Bay Packers' Desmond Bishop that even though he can sail pass the velvet ropes at a night club, White House security is a little more picky about who they let into the building. The Super Bowl winner was invited to a celebration with the President at the White House on Friday, but Bishop was denied entry because he left his ID on the plane.

The linebacker Tweeted his disappointment as he watched his teammates walk past him to the South Lawn:

"I forgot my id on plane so won't get access to see @barackobama .. This time! But next year ;)Tho dissapointed, i ll live vicariously thru my fellow Teammates.. Nap time.. As jack reacher wud say 'sleep wen u can..'"

Nap time? Way to find a silver lining, Bishop.

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