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That’s So Raven Star Slapped With DUI, But Wasn’t Driving

That’s So Raven Star Slapped With DUI, But Wasn’t Driving

Orlando Brown says he sat in a parked car when cops made arrest.

Published September 9, 2011

That’s so wrong…Orlando Brown says he was not driving drunk nor driving at all the night of his DUI arrest.


Brown’s manager, Reno Rankin, spoke with TMZ and told the website the 23-year-old That’s So Raven star drank three glasses of wine at home on August 12th. Later that night a female friend drove to Brown's house to listen to his new music CD.


Brown then sat in the driver’s seat as he and his friend then proceeded to listen to the music in her car outside his L.A. home.


However, police maintain the car didn’t have a license plate, which is what flagged them to further inspect the situation. When they did and found Brown behind the wheel, they arrested him for a DUI.


But Brown’s rep told TMZ, “He never intended to drive anywhere at all,” and that the two were only listening to the car’s CD player. Brown will be headed back to court to face charges later this month.

(Photo: Courtesy of LAPD)

Written by Ronke Idowu Reeves


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