Damon Dash Settles Liquor Suit

Damon Dash Settles Liquor Suit

Music exec off the hook for selling liquor at his former New York headquarters.

Published September 17, 2011

Rap mogul Damon Dash eked out a legal victory earlier this week when charges he faced for allegedly selling liquor without a license at his now closed New York event space and art gallery faced were dropped.

The Village Voice reports that the judge presiding over the case dismissed the six charges for storing and selling liquor at DD172, Dash's former Tribeca space housing an art gallery, office and recording studio, among other things, at a hearing on Wednesday.

However, the judge issued several conditions to the current owners of 172 Duane Street, where the DD172 art gallery was housed.

The owners must provide security guards during events, allow warrantless inspections by police, and abide by their certificate of occupancy.

Lawyers for Damon Dash told The Village Voice that selling liquor was never part of the DD172 business model, and that DD172 had vacated the space three months ago.

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