Jay-Z to Educate Kids About Money with Animated Series

The rapper will appear in four episodes of the Secret Millionaires Club.

Posted: 10/18/2011 10:05 PM EDT
Filed Under Jay-Z

Jay-Z is set to teach kids how to get mo' money and dispense other financial tips through a new animated series titled Secret Millionaires Club. The show will kick off Sunday on cable station Hub TV.

The Secret Millionaires Club started as a web series in 2009 and was created by investor and Jay-Z's friend Warren Buffet whose goal was to get children interested in investing and securing their financial future early on.

The rapper will appear in four episodes in the series and share business tips with the characters. The premiere episode, titled "Be Cool to Your School," will feature Buffet helping a group of teenagers fundraise for school and travel to New York City with Jay-Z encouraging and applauding the students' efforts.

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