Boyz II Men Show Their Comedic Talent in Video Spoof

We knew they could sing, but did you know they were funny too?

Posted: 10/23/2011 11:38 AM EDT
Filed Under Boyz II Men

Perhaps in anticipation of their 20th anniversary album, Twenty, the three members of the classic R&B group, Boyz II Men, Nathan, Shawn and Wanya, took to for a spoof video offering a number of ringtones sung by the group.

Their voices are still light and melodic as they debut the funny rings, including a vibrate (them buzzing and whispering "vibrate"), nyan cat (meowing) and specialized ring for your mother (To the tune of "Mama," "It's your Mama/you should pick up/she pushed you out her lady parts"). There are also text message and picture message rings, and a ring for when your ex calls. Although Shawn looked like he was about to crack up in a few takes, the groups timing and delivery were impeccable.

B2M has been very out of the box with their marketing and publicity this year, kicking off 2011 with a Boyz II Men "Love Cruise." Hopefully the publicity was successful and when their album drops on October 25 the fans and show up and grab a copy.



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